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KORAMCO Asset Management is a real estate & energy/infrastructure fund expertise asset management company established by obtaining authorization from Financial Services Commission on March 2010 based on 100% investment from KORAMCO REITs Management and Trust Co.Ltd.

자산운용 인포그래픽

KORAMCO REITS Management and Trust Co.Ltd, When companies tried to sell real setate to restructure after foreign exchange crisis, but as they had difficulty in institutional environment, the company was founded on October 2001 to contribute stabilization of national economy by introducing REITs system from overseas.

We have successfully managed KOCREF series, the real estate finance products and have been recognized as the representative brand of REITs. Since 2006, the company advanced to real estate trust business to provide improved real estate finance service.

KORAMCO Asset Management, based on our work know-hows and experiences from REITs and Trust business, we develop real-estate products meeting various needs of customers in new style and are leaping forward to future as real estate expertise investment company covering entire area of real estate indirect investment market and real estate finance.

Management Philosophy

Koramco Fund aims to maximize investors' profits by creating new values.

Investment strategy based on understanding of the market cycle

We apply the optimal investment strategy for each cycle based on microscopic & macroscopic market analysis relating to the assets.

Intelligent investment and risk

We carry out predicatable investment and risk management based on our expert knowledge in the assets and markets.

Optimal management strategy of
value enhancement

We maximize the profits and asset value based on our specialized and active value-add strategy.

Company Info

Company name KORAMCO Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
Date of foundation January 20. 2010
Capital and major
KRW 10 billion / 100% Subsidiary of KORAMCO REITs Management and Trust Co. Ltd.

1. License for asset management Business: Real estate collective investment business
2. License for asset management Business: Special asset collective investment business
3. Investment advisory business
4. Hedge fund investment business
5. License for real estate development business

Address F1, F2 511 Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Samsung-dong, Golden Tower)
Contact TEL : 82-2-787-0101 FAX : 82-2-787-0144