Business Overview

Multi Asset / Blind Fund

What is Multi Asset Fund?

A multi-asset fund, as known as hybrid fund, is a combination of asset classes such as equity, bonds or real property used as an investment. The weights and types of classes vary according to the individual clients. A multi-asset fund is primarily built to limit downside risk by broadening an investors exposure to different sectors.

KORAMCO offers a multi asset fund spread over a broad range of strategies, styles, sectors and regions with mid-risk, mid-return investments.

What is Blind Fund?

A blind fund, unlike existing type of fund, lacks a stated investment goal for the funds that are raised from investors. The flexibility afforded to a blind fund gives it an advantage over traditional funds, which tend to employ self-imposed rules governing investments.

Bilnd Fund

KORAMCO is expanding blind funds, which first raise capital based
on the trust we earned through our stable fund management and then find investment targets.

수익형부동산 1호(2016)

Profit type real estate No.1(2016)

수익형부동산 2호(2016)

Solid No.1 (2019)

수익형부동산 3호(2017)

Profit type real estate No.6(2017)

수익형부동산 4호(2017)

Daum Enterprise Investment No.6(2019)

Investment Target

KORAMCO selectively invests in prospective assets including alternative assets
such as real property or infrastructure as well as traditional assets such as equities or bonds.


Alternative Assets

  • Real Property
  • Infrastructure
  • Project Finance

Traditional Assets

  • Pair Trading
  • IPOs
  • Block Deal
  • Listed REITs

Strategic Assets

  • PEF
  • VC
  • Mezzanine (CB,BW, etc.)
  • Structured Products