Business Overview

Real Estate Fund

What is Real Estate Fund

(Real estate collective investment scheme)?

It is a product investing to "real estate, real estate related rights, real estate related asset" exceeding 50% of fund asset(collective investment asset) and distributing the generated pofit to investors.

KORAMCO FIRSTEP Yongsan Hotel Private equity real estate investment trust No.10

Investment Target

Through real estate funds, customers entrust their investment funds to asset management
specialists and, thereby, invest in rights and assets relating to real estate.

Real estate

  • Acquisition and sales of estate
  • Real estate development
  • Management and improvement of real estate
  • Real estate lease
Real estate related rights

  • Real estate related rights such as superficies, easement, leasehole rights, right of lease, purchase right etc.
  • Real estate mortgage monetary claim which has financial institution as creditor
Real estate related asset

  • Profit-making securities, collective investment(fund) securities, backed securities investing more than 50% in any of real estate, real estate related rights, real estate mortgage monetary claim.
  • Stock issued by REITs
  • Stock issued by PFV
  • Equity security issued by SPC
  • Derivative products setting real estate and based asset
  • Loan about corporate related to real estate development

General Structure

Koramco Fund strives for continuous, stable profits.

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Lease-type real estate fund

It refers to "Buy&Lease real estate fund" aiming to secure the sales margin based on increase of future real setate value and stable rent profit. Major management method is to purchase and lease out office real estate(office building) or commercial real estate(shopping quarters).

Private and public auction real estate funds

It refers to "value investment real estate fund" which usually perchase office real estate of commercial real estate in low price through court action or public sale by asset management company or finacial institutions to lease out or sell for rent profint or sales margin.

Derivative-type real estate fund

It refers to real estate find investing on derivatives with real setate as based asset.

Loan-type real estate fund

It refers to "project financing real estate fund" which manages loan related to corporate in real estate development business(hereafter developer), and aiming to receive loan interest frome developers.

Development-type real estate fund

It refers to "development method real estate fund" acquiring development profit through distribution or lease through directly promoting real setate development business by fund playing its role as director.

Rights-type real estate fund

It refers to fund investing in trust related profit rights, mortgage-backed monetary claim, real estate fund(collective investment) securities.

Securities-type real estate fund

It refers to fund investing in REITs share, PFV issued securities, equity security issued by real estate investment purpose company.

Public Offering Fund

Public offering raises capital publicly from various investors.
According to the Capital Market Law, public offering must raise funds from no less than 50 investors.

Benefits of public offering fund

Stable investment by avoiding various risks associated with direct investment in real estate

Anyone can make small investment in various sizes and forms of real estate.

Save taxes that incur as a result of directly owning real estate, such as acquisition tax, property tax, and comprehensive real estate tax.